LAHORE - JI chief Sirajul Haq expressed concerns over deteriorating economy of the country, saying the government after wasting a complete one year of the nation has nothing positive to show on its credit.In a statement issued from JI headquarters Mansoora on Tuesday, he said that directionless economic policies of the PTI government resulted in skyrocketing inflation, rising unemployment and collapsing investment and growth.

 When the government took charge one year ago, he said, it was then expected that some emergency measure would be taken to put on track the already fragile economy. But, he added, that the entire nation witnessed that PTI government removed its point man after months and months of useless exercises with the IMF and other international lending agencies and hallow slogans. The JI chief said even appointment of new finance minster, the situation was unchanged and no signs of improvement were visible so far. He expressed concerns over slow pace of work on CPEC and desperate situation on other fronts. In the prevailing scenario, he added, Pakistan needed a bold leadership with clear and solid roadmap and vision on economy. He said the government must immediately announce some relief for common man and made efforts on emergency basis to address unemployment issue.