ISLAMABAD - Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan giving his statement to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has asked the investigation team to probe the then military generals who had allegedly doled out millions of rupees funds among politicians to manipulate the results of 1990 general elections.

The four-member investigation team of FIA led by its Additional Director General Galib Bandesha has formally recorded the statement of Air Marshal (Retd) Asghar Khan to probe the case of distribution of millions of rupees among politicians allegedly by the military's two intelligence agencies - Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) - before 19990 general elections. The team ha got some documentary evidence from Khan in connection with the case.

The case is known as Asghar Khan case as Air Marshal Asghar Khan is a petitioner in the case who had moved to the Supreme Court urging the superior judiciary that the matter of dolling out money to politicians should be investigated and action should be taken against all the responsible ones.

A source close to the investigation team said that Asghar Khan had asked the probe team that then army chief General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Baig and then ISI chief Lt General (Retd) Asad Durrani breached the army discipline as they failed to prevent their subordinates from unlawful actions like alleged distribution of money. He said that the responsible ones should be punished and action should be taken against them.

The four-member team has stared probe in Asghar Khan case in the light of Supreme Court's directions as the court had asked the FIA to investigate the matter and take action against those who distributed funds among the politicians.

FIA sources said that the investigation team has also issued notices to General (Retd) Beg and Lt Gen (Retd) Durrani, former ISI Brigadier Hamid Saeed, former chief executive of Mehran Bank, Younis Habib, and other accused to record their statement in the case. However, FIA team understands that thorough investigations would start after getting recorded the statements from two former generals who were main accused in the case, the sources said, adding that sufficient evidence would have to be collected in the case to proceed criminal action against the accused. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is among the accused that were facing allegations of receiving money from ISI.

The committee consisting of three other senior officers of police service of Pakistan including Dr Usman Anwar, Qudratullah Khan and Najab Qulli and headed by Galib Bandesha have the powers to question any one accused in the case in the light of Sc verdict, given in October 2012. It'll complete its report by May 2014.

The Supreme Court had issued a 141-page verdict, ordering legal proceedings against former army Chief General (Retd) Baig and former ISI chief Lt Gen (retd) Asad Durrani in the Asghar Khan case.