KIRKUK : Bombings in Iraq, including two in a market and a third at a cemetery where victims of the earlier attack were to be buried, killed 14 people Friday, officials said.

In Tuz Khurmatu, 175 kilometres north of Baghdad, two bombs exploded in a livestock market, killing eight people and wounding 25. As people gathered at a cemetery to bury the victims of the market blasts, another bomb went off, killing three people and wounding two. Militants in Iraq often attack places where crowds of people gather, including markets, cafes and mosques, in an effort to cause maximum casualties.

A number of funerals have also been attacked this year.

Also on Friday, a roadside bomb killed two civilians in the northern province of Kirkuk, while another blast in the city of Mosul, also in north Iraq, killed a policeman and wounded another.

Muhanad Mohammed, a journalist who worked for both foreign and Iraqi media, was among those killed in one of the suicide bombings on Thursday.

He was the seventh journalist to be killed in Iraq in less than three months.