The dilemma of not building Kalabagh dam has come home to roost. I wonder why we are bent on committing hara-kiri or self-destruction. Are we mad or fooling ourselves with wishful thinking? Why do we think if Kalabagh dam is built, Punjab will take too much water and leave the rest of the country to dry up? Since Tarbela dam was built, Sindh took 70% water, though Tarbela dam is not located in Sindh. It is the federal body IRSA which allocates water to the provinces as per their percentage shares. Provinces have no direct control over the supply to their canals. No province can take another province’s water.

Now people are aware of the facts and they want to know who should be blamed for the irresponsible act of not building KBD? The politicians are busy playing games in the august house and don’t want to risk losing their vote bank as Kalabagh dam remains controversial. There is no clear voice heard that will make a difference in our country. A few people in media do raise the issue of building more dams but it appears they cannot convince anyone. The opponents of KBD, mainly talk of their imaginary apprehensions but the anchorpersons too aggravate the problem by sidestepping the real questions. The educated and informed citizens are also not raising their voice in order to try to counter misapprehensions.


Lahore, December 17.