ISLAMABAD - A book "Precedent in Pakistani Law" authored by Dr Muhammad Munir, Chairman Department of Law of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI), was launched Friday, which was termed a useful addition for guidance in judicial system of Pakistan by the speakers.

Justice (Retd) Shakirullah Jan presided over the launch while President IIUI Dr Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh was the guest of honour. It was also attended by Justice (Retd) Ali Nawaz Chohan, Barrister Yousaf Khosa, Vice President (Academics) Dr Mumtaz Ahmed, Deputy Dean Shariah and Law Tahir Hakeem and a large number of personalities from legal fraternity.

Justice Shakirullah Jan termed Dr Munir's book as 'Magnum Opus' while calling it a useful addition for guidance in judicial system of Pakistan. He said the author has elaborated judicial matters in an excellent way with examples of Muslim history happenings related to the topic. Shakirullah Jan said precedents are important in legal system and it was a dire need of such book on the topic.

Being guest of honour, Dr Al-Draiweesh said Dr Munir is an enormous asset of IIUI who is equally competent in Arabic as he is in Urdu and English. He said book must be translated in Urdu and English as it is written on such an important topic, which addressed complex issues in a simple way. He hoped the book would help not only legal fraternity to take guidance in judicial matters but a layman would also get benefit from it.

Dr Chuhan, while lauding the book of Dr Munir said, "We require clarity in legal issues in the light of precedents and the author comprehensively worked on the topic." He urged that decision process of the cases must be expedited to make the judiciary system smoother. "Dr Munir wrote an excellent, precise and concise book which discussed decisions of the benches and remarks of judges while recording a judgment, it's a precious addition on the topic," said Barrister Khosa. He added that Dr Munir's book was an important addition in the topic of jurisdiction and Islamic history examples with cohesion to the contemporary legal issues have made it a successful comprehensive effort.