ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf protested against the withdrawal of their party chief Imran Khan's security protocol.

In a letter forwarded to the ministry of interior, the PTI leader Jahangir Tareen stated that Imran Khan is chief of a political party and he is facing threats from extremists. The PTI leader termed the withdrawal of Khan's security under the prevailing circumstances as worrying and requested the government to provide better security.

Earlier on Thursday, PTI claimed that Imran Khan was receiving threats by militants after criticising attacks on polio vaccination teams. It may be mentioned here that Imran Khan on Wednesday declared polio workers as soldiers of Islam and said those attacking them were not doing any justice to humanity, Islam or Pakistanis.

Similarly, PTI has demanded of the government to name the persons killed in the military action taken in North Waziristan on Wednesday. As per issued press statement, Central Information Secretary PTI Shireen Mazari said it was incumbent upon the government to inform the nation about the casualties incurred in any military operation within the territory of Pakistan. "The govt should name those who have been killed in the military action in North Waziristan," she concluded.

Meanwhile PTI has cautioned the Punjab government that if force is used to disrupt the peaceful protest of party in Lahore then severe resistance would be put up in the federal capital. As per issued press statement by information section PTI, protest has been organised as a part of nationwide campaign announced by PTI Chairman Imran Khan against policies of federal government giving rise to sky rocketing prices of commodities of daily use. As per statement, PTI will protest against drone strikes of inflation carried out by Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) federal government on the poor people of Pakistan.  PTI's workers from all the sectors and union councils of Islamabad would participate in the protest if any mishandling is done in Lahore with PTI protest.

In the same way workers of the PTI on Friday held a rally in Islamabad against price hike. The PTI office bearers and workers took out the rally from Super Market to National Press Club. Participants of the demonstration led by MNA Nafeesa Khattak were carrying placards inscribed with slogans against the government and International Monetary Fund (IMF). They called for immediate measures to check the soaring prices of essential items.



A three-member delegation of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation headed by Christopher J. Elias called on PTI Chairman Imran Khan at his residence here on Friday.

During the meeting, Imran apprised the delegation about his party's inflexible support for anti-polio campaign and stated that his government in KPK would ensure successful and uninterrupted immunization against fatal polio virus.

He said that it is unfortunate to have reported cases of polio victims in Pakistan when many countries across the globe had already rooted out this very disease successfully.

According to him, PTI would welcome the support of various partners to make KPK a polio free territory.

Looking forward to the support of international humanitarian organizations, Chairman Imran Khan reiterated his standings over American drone strikes and called them counterproductive, destructive and a violation of all humanitarian and international laws.

Calling them one of the major sources of genocide and making masses handicapped, he asserted the need to communicate drone operation's catastrophic outcome to the American administration and to press it for its immediate suspension.

In his remarks, Christopher expressed satisfaction over the KPK government's commitments against polio and recognized its efforts to eliminate poliovirus from the province.


Staff Reporter from Peshawar adds: The sit-in of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf against NATO supply and drone attacks continued on 28th consecutive day, whereas activists of Jamaat-e-Islami and FATA-based leader of PTI condemned the US drone attacks in tribal area.

Led by PTI leader from FATA Ameen Zada Afridi the sit in was also attended by Haji Iqbal Afridi, Dr Inayat, Fakhr Alam, Ajab Gul, Nazar Nawaz, Zaheer Younis and others.

Activists of PTI and Jamaat Islami chanted slogans against US drone attacks in FATA. Addressing on the occasion, they said that the so-called war against terrorism has claimed lives of thousand of innocent people and thousand of people went disabled but the US thirst for the killing of innocent Pakhtuns could not quenched.

He added that the rulers are not worried about the plight of masses as they are enjoying safe and security life in Islamabad and Lahore. They vowed to keep continue their sit-in until end to drone attacks in tribal areas.