ISLAMABAD - Colors play vital role in our daily routine life as well as help cure many skin and psychological diseases.   

These words were expressed by renowned psychologist Dr Aliya Aftab in an interview on PTV Thursday.

Á She said that colors are precious gift of God and play very essential role in our day to day life.   

Dr Aliya said that colors cast psychological effect on us as we are surrounded by cool and warm colors all the time added that color’s wave lengths effect our body which respond accordingly as their touch to our pitutary and penal glands help control our conscious and subconscious functions and hormones function .

She said colors are basically used for beautification and decoration but in addition they are very useful for treatment of many diseases through chromo therapy or light therapy.

She said colors also maintain balance in our spiritual and body system as our body runs through and consists on emotions, sentiments that help our body to fight with the diseases.

She mentioned that colour therapy is the old method of maintaining the balance in our body and help curing the diseases as happened in old civilizations like Egypt, Rome and Greece where people were used to cure the diseases through sun shine such as skin, sleep and psychological diseases.

For the cure of acne, wrinkles, pimples and freckles , colour therapy is considered as a very useful method adding that ultra violet therapy is used to cure cancer successfully and is found very positive method of treating the diseases.

Replying to a question, she said blue colour is a healing colour if apply in personality it will affect differently and in treatment for the disease ,blue colour will be used for high blood pressure treatment ,arthritis ,muscle spasm while low blood pressure can be treated by red colour.

She said tablets of different colors, patches of cloths containing seven violet colors are useful for treating the diseases. She added that all colors through eating also affect to cure the patient as we have the color cards by the color therapist to help identify the patient and his disease. For fair colour, one can use yellow lights .

She said we make oil colors to be used to cure the patient’s disease who uses them in the form of drops of oil mixing with water as in the case of polio.

She informed that due to much awareness on media people now are attracting towards color therapy which is no more rare in our country.

Replying to another question, she recommended to get know how of color therapy from authorized foreign institution mostly from America adding she said we have introduced many workshops and diploma in attaining this knowledge. She said colour therapy is affordable treatment in Pakistan.

Replying another question , she said yellow and white color curtain should be used as white is color of peace and remove the negativity while yellow for problem solving.