The GCCI President, Senior Vice President and Vice President in a joint statement have said that the completion of Nandipur project before time is a big success of the Punjab government.

They appreciated the efforts of the government to overcome energy crisis. They said that the business community faced too many financial crises due to electricity shortage. They said that the pace of construction work on Nandipur power project was surprising and the project which was a symbol of inefficiency, corruption and criminal negligence of the former rulers, had been transformed into a glowing example of commitment and performance by the present leadership.

PMF staff accused: Society of Private Paramedic Institutes Chairman Dr Khalid accused the Punjab Medical Faculty officials of corruption.

He added that the private institutions which refused to pay bribe, their students were not issued roll number slips. He also accused that diplomas of passed students were also not issued without taking bribe.

He said that the PMF staff did not issue registration cards to the candidates if it was not given bribe. He further said that the staff had changed the registration lists and issued cards to those candidates who were not registered with the PMF.