Islamabad - The total recovery made by the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan (DAGP) in 2015-16 was Rs81 billion as compared to Rs40 billion in the preceding year, which shows an increase of 100 percent in recoveries.

“The benefit-cost ratio of audits conducted by the department has registered record high of 21:1 in 2015-16, against the strategic plan target of 12:1 which shows that for every rupee spent on audit, Rs.21/- were recovered by ministries/divisions on the basis of observations raised by audit,” said Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) Rana Assad Amin while talking to a delegation of Turkish Court of Accounts led by Fikret COKER Deputy President of TCA here on Monday.

The AGP said that the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan (DAGP) recognised the importance of bilateral cooperation with other Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs), and in this regard, the department had started negotiations with a number of SAIs for signing Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in public sector auditing as a result of which the SAIs would benefit from each other’s experiences.

Amin said that the Department of Auditor General of Pakistan had signed a MoU with the Turkish Court of Accounts on October 17, 2016 in Ankara that pertained to cooperation in public sector auditing and provided an excellent opportunity for bilateral cooperation between the two SAIs.

He further said that Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan was also playing a very active role in various committees and working groups of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), Asian Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (ASSOSAI) and Economic Cooperation Organisation Supreme Audit Institutions (ECOSAI).

The AGP, while highlighting the reforms and achievements of DAGP, said that the department was presently engaged in promoting audit reforms based on Strategic Plan (2015-19), primarily implemented through recommendations of the Audit Reforms Committee.

“Human resource development and paradigm shift in audit approach to special audits are the hallmarks of strategic reforms agenda and keeping in view this the new audit approach has been initiated in all Field Audit Offices by allocating at least 30 percent of their resources for special audit activity,” he elaborated.

Deputy President of TCA Fikret COKER, while lauding the efforts of DAGP said that both SAIs could benefit from the study visits to each other countries and also explore areas of mutual cooperation for capacity building and training of officers under the MoU.

He further said that there was also a need to identify areas where SAI Pakistan could offer training to SAI Turkey.

“SAI Turkey looks forward to working with SAI Pakistan to strengthen and promote cooperation and benefit from mutual experiences and knowledge,” he added.