SARGODHA-An enlightening and thought-provoking seminar regarding importance of rule of law held at the Lincolns Corners of University of Sargodha here on Monday.

According to the university management, UoS VC Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed presided over the seminar. Professor Roberts Nichols, a prolific and expert on South Asian history, from Stockton University graced the occasion with his incisive talk.

Speaking on the occasion, he said that all the political systems must operate according to the "rule of law" if they are to be deemed legitimate. He stressed the need for introducing reforms in Fata and other north-western borderlands, adding people of that region should be empowered for making Pakistan a peaceful country. He said that Pakistan is making giant strides in terms of development and to sustain this transformation, it is viable to infuse positive thinking into the social and political fabric.

Prof Nichols said that ruthless and an authoritarian Frontier Crimes Regulation (FCR) Act was promulgated to extend the British control over the tribal regions. He lamented that such laws are totally inhuman and unjustified and no civilized society can endorse such laws. He claimed that merger of Fata into KPK could be the first step towards abolishing this law.

UoS VC Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed also pointed out that in this globalised world, violence and mayhem in any region of the world has the potential to spill out to other parts of the world. In the question answer session, Professor Nichols exchanged his views with the audience and stressed the need for dialogue and interactive debates among different regions and peoples of the world to enhance awareness and knowledge.