LONDON -  A British father-of-three has praised hospital staff for bringing him back to life after he suffered 27 heart attacks in 24 hours, reported BBC and Daily Mail.

Ray Woodhall, 54, of Wednesbury, West Midlands, had been playing walking football when he collapsed. He thought he was just dehydrated and was taken off the pitch on a stretcher before making his way to his car.

But an off-duty male nurse, called Brad, who was watching the game, insisted they call an ambulance. Paramedics told Woodhall, who works for a soft drinks firm, that he had suffered a heart attack so he was taken to Worcestershire Royal Hospital where he suffered an astounding 26 more.

He was instantly met by the cardiology team who took him to the operating theatre, where they put two stents in his artery to increase blood flow. His family were told he might not make it and that he would have a high risk of brain damage if he did.

But hospital staff battled tirelessly to save the man, who had no previous heart problems, and, through a series of miracles, he pulled through.

Woodhall is still recovering after his ordeal on December 17 but says he is able to manage an hour's walk each day. But the Aston Villa fan is aching to get out playing walking football again with his team, Hartshill Strollers.

He told The Sun: “They told me they've never heard of anyone 'dying' so many times and the only reason I'm here is because of them. The hospital was brilliant and I owe them everything.”

He has since visited the hospital to thank the staff but is keen to get in touch with Brad to thank him for his quick thinking. He said: “I'd love to find him just so I can say thank you I'm still here today.”

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