PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Haji Muhammad Afzal on Monday expressed concern over the illegal raid by regional tax office intelligence and Investigation department on a pharmaceutical company and warned of staging protest against RTO Peshawar.

He informed that the some officers of RTO had exchanged hard words with President of Industrialist Association Azanfar Bilour and former president Niaz Ahmad which was a regrettable on the part of the RTO high ups. He termed it a conspiracy to widen gap between business community and regional tax office.

He said that on one hand the business community and owners of pharmaceutical companies were collecting the dead bodies of their relatives in Lahore, while on the other hand officers of regional tax office were teasing the owners without any justification. He warned that if the officer regional tax office did not stop their activities against the pharmaceutical companies, the KPCCI officer-bearers will take the streets to protest the illegal raids and ransacking of the medicine companies. 

He mentioned that the court has issue stay order that FBR will not to directly raid the high profile industrial station and legal officers without any notification  but despite all of this the court order was set aside and their members were harassed and dishonored.

KPCCI President said that some time RTO intelligence officers breach its limits and raiding various industries on the basis of their personnel likes and dislikes which will create mistrust between RTO and business community.