ISLAMABAD: A man allegedly broke into a house and raped the woman present in the house on gunpoint near Koral on February 13.

The victim's husband told police that he was invited by his friend that day over tea and it made him dizzy. He returned home and quickly fell asleep.

Following day the friend and another man broke into their house and raped his wife.

“At 2am, friend* along with an unidentified man entered my house after scaling the wall,” the complainant wrote in his application.

“The unidentified man put a pistol to my wife’s head while friend* raped her,” he said, adding that the men threatened to kill the couple if they made any noise.

Later, the suspect’s father and brother approached the victim’s family, assuring them of action against the suspects.

They, though, urged the couple not to report the matter to the police.

However, a few days later they threatened the complainant.

Therefore, the victim’s husband took so long to report the incident to the police on February 18.

“We will obtain warrants from a magistrate on Tuesday and go to his hometown [to arrest him],” a police officer said. He added that the other suspect had not been identified yet.

The suspects are still at large.