In an effort to address the critical issue of lack of physical activity in children, NESTLÉ MILO partnered with National Grammar School Lahore (NGS), to organize a three-day Sports Festival, under the theme “Champions of Tomorrow”.

Schools from all over Lahore participated in the Sports Festival where a variety of sports – Cricket, Futsal, Basketball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Throwball, Dodge the ball, Snooker, Swimming, Cross Country, Chess, FIFA ' 17, Arm Wrestling and Tug of war – were played. The purpose of the Sports Festival was to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and to reiterate the significance of sports in children’s lives.

Mr. Roland Stieger, Business Executive Manager DNS (Dairy, Nutrition solution)Nestle Pakistan said, “Playing sports gives children confidence, determination and instills team spirit in them. With NESTLÉ MILO we want to convey the message that sports is a great teacher; the lessons learnt in sports help us throughout our life. We look forward to bringing more parents and kids on our Champions of Tomorrow platform with NESTLÉ MILO and these kind of activities.”

“The Champions of Tomorrow is a platform brought to life by NESTLÉ MILO that aims to nourish ambitions for our kids” added Mr Shazil Khan, Marketing Manager Dairy Nutrition Solution, Nestle Pakistan.

Published in Young Nation magazine on December 3, 2016