Quetta - The NAB Balochistan on Monday filed reference in Accountability Court Quetta against former finance adviser Khalid Langov, former finance secretary Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani, former secretary Balochistan Local Government Hafiz Abdul Basit, ex-secretary Local Government Board Balochistan Faisal Jamal and Noorullah over irregularities in local government funds.

Accepting the National Accountability Bureau Balochistan reference, the Accountability Court Quetta-I judge Abdul Majeed issued non-bailable arrest warrants for all accused.

According to reference filed before the Accountability Court of Balochistan, mega irregularities amounting to billions of rupees were committed in Finance Department through making illegal releases and withdrawal of funds in connection with grant-in-aid to municipal committees of Mach and Khaliqabad.

After confirmation of allegations through initial probe, an inquiry was sanctioned to unveil the embezzlement. During inquiry, it was confirmed that embezzlement of funds amounting to billions of rupees was committed in the Finance Department Balochistan in grant-in-aid funds.

Moreover, during the raid at the residence of Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani, huge cash amounting to Rs347million, prize bounds amounting to Rs 53.3million, US$2.36 million and currencies of some other countries along with gold ornaments were seized.

After confirming the allegations and preliminary information, the inquiry was converted to investigation and during the investigation it was unearthed that embezzlement was committed in the local government’s grant-in-aid funds by accused Khalid Langov and Mushtaq Raisani in connivance with Saleem Shah, ex-administrator/chief officer municipal committees Mach and Khaliqabad. It was further revealed that the embezzled funds were siphoned out with the help of accused Sohail Majeed Shah who played the role of front-man for accused Khalid Langov, stated the reference.

It was also established that the mentioned accused persons in connivance with each other embezzled and misused government funds amounting to Rs. 2249million. This amount was later on used by the accused for investing in real estate business through their agents, revealed the NAB reference.

It was also learnt during the inquiry that the funds released for development of Mach and Khaliqabad municipal committees were never mobilized and proportionally distributed among the accused Khalid Longov, Saleem Shah and Mushtaq Ahmed Raisani.

Furthermore, Saleem Shah and Sohail Majeed Shah used bank accounts of their companies, family members and servants for release of Rs2249million from Local Govt i.e. MC Mach and MC Khaliqabad.

The main accused of the mega corruption scam, Mushtaq Raisani, who had surrendered all properties purchased with embezzled money in the names of his wife and other family members in the plea-bargain application, will not be part of this reference.

The other accused Hafiz Abdul Basit and Faisal Jamal had been attending LCGC’s meetings, and despite knowledge of direct release of funds, they failed to administer their authority over the subordinate officers of local councils to stop approaching Finance Dept directly, which ultimately resulted in the commission of corruption act and corrupt practices but no material regarding financial gain by them could be surfaced during investigation, pointed out the reference. But accused Abdul Basit and Faisal Jamal committed irregularities.

It is relevant to note that accused Saleem Shah was pardoned to strengthen the prosecution case by the competent authority, said the reference.

Sharif Khan