Rawalpindi-A drug racket kingpin has allegedly managed to smuggle heroin into United Kingdom (UK) by concealing in a bridal dress through a passenger who travelled in national flag carrier via New Islamabad International Airport (NIIAP) in January 2019, official sources disclosed to The Nation on Wednesday.

The kingpin, identified as Raja Yousaf belonging to Gujar Khan, had used a very novel way by using his nephews’ (Raja Imran and Raja Zakir) friend Chaudhry Usman, who got married with a British national girl of Pakistani origin, for smuggling a huge quantity of heroin to Birmingham, sources added

Unfortunately, the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) and the other law enforcement agencies have badly failed in thwarting the attempt of heroin smuggling at NIIAP.

Though the matter was reported to Gujar Khan police; yet no action was taken against the international drug racket kingpin and members, something seeking strong attention of Inspector General of Police Amjad Javed Salimi, Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar and State Minister on Interior Sheryar Khan Afridi.

According to sources, Raja Imran and Raja Zakir (nephews of Raja Yousaf), arrived in the house of Raja Usman on January 18, 2018, at Mohra Bhuttian, in Islam Pura Jabbar, who was scheduled to fly to Birmingham from NIIAP through PIA flight number PK-792 at 11:50 am on January 19, 2019.

 Imran requested Usman and his family to carry a leather jacket and a bridal dress for his brother-in-law, who is residing in Birmingham as his marriage was planned in near future. “Usman and his family showed their consent and took the jacket and bridal dress from them without noticing that heroin was concealed inside,” sources added.

They added Usman and his wife Sumaira reached at NIIAP on January 19 and handed over their baggage for weighing by Customs, who had ordered the passengers to drop some of their luggage because of extra weight. On this, Usman had returned the leather jacket and some other luggage to his brother, who had been there to see the couple off. Usman managed to fly to the UK with bridal dress filled with heroin without being detected by Customs or ANF, sources said. They mentioned Chaudhry Rashid, the brother of Usman, torn the bridal dress in Birmingham and found some 750 grams of heroin stitched tactfully in borders of the dress beneath the net. He, instead of informing British anti-smuggling authorities had, dumped the drugs in a drain, sources said.

They said Rashid phoned his brother Sajid in Pakistan and told him the whole saga. Sajid also checked the jacket and found heroin packets concealed tactfully in it.

Sources said Sajid reported the matter to an assistant sub-inspector (ASI) Malik Fiaz, posted at Police Station (PS) Gujar Khan who took the jacket into custody. They said a written application has also been filed with Police Chokwy Qazian but no action was taken so far, sources said.

Interestingly, neither police arrested the accused nor did register case against them despite the passage of one month, sources informed.

Talking to The Nation, Sajid, the complainant, confirmed the development. He said police have been trying to save the skin of drug racket kingpin and his nephews. He said Imran and Zakir owned a Gym and Snooker Club in Jabbar City where they developed friendships with siblings and relatives of British families. He disclosed, after winning the trust of the young boys, who often visit Gym for exercise and playing snooker, Imran and Zakir used to hand them over heroin-filled toys, gifts or dresses to take them to the UK, where their customers receive the consignment. “All this is being done on the node of Raja Yousaf, the uncle of the duo,” he said.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Gujar Khan Circle Umer Abbas Khan, when contacted for his comments, admitted that Raja Yousaf had involved in drug smuggling as per information collected by police.

He said police could not arrest the smugglers due to VVIP duty. He also admitted police have seized heroin-filled jacket on the report of Sajid. ASP was of the view that police made delay in registration of the case against the accused because of lack of substantial evidence. “The other reason behind not filing case is that the judges grill police officers as to why they register case without having solid evidence or arresting the smugglers,” he said. He said he would transfer the case to ANF after collecting evidence and arresting the kingpin Raja Yousaf and his nephews, who at present went underground. On a query, ASP replied he had also intimidated his bosses about the case. ASP, who was seemingly confused during the chat with this correspondent, swiftly changed his stance and said, “I made delay in registration of FIR in order to keep the family safe from taking so many rounds of courts,”

Nonetheless, the complainant, on the other hand, alleged Raja Yousaf had approached them and threatened them to not lock horns with him and to not pursue the case with police. “I had contracted a deal with police against Rs 5 million to save mine and nephews skin from legal action,” Sajid quoted Raja Yousaf as saying.

CPO Abbas Ahsan, when contacted, expressed his unawareness about the case and vowed to hold a departmental inquiry against the responsible police officers.