Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch a poverty alleviation programme on February 28.

The Ministry of Finance and other organisations have completed their work in this regard.

The federal government will launch this programme at a ceremony at the PM Office in Islamabad, where the prime minister will speak on the government measures about poverty eradication.

In December last year, PM Imran had said poverty alleviation and uplifting the poor segments of society was top priority of the government.

Khan had said the government was preparing a comprehensive programme that would not only help cater to the basic necessities of the poor people of the country temporarily but also play a key role to bring them out of poverty clutches.

He had issued directives for a close coordination among different programmes working to cope with the poverty alleviation challenges.

In November last year, the premier had said Pakistan would like to follow the model of China in poverty alleviation and eradication of corruption to put the country on the path of progress and development.

Addressing Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference 2018 in Shanghai, the prime minister had said China had progressed to great heights under the visionary leadership of President Xi Jinping.