ISLAMABAD-Brick kiln industry is run by businessmen and owners do not register their kilns with labour department so that they do not have to provide social security and old-age benefits to them, said Human Rights Commission Pakistan Chairperson Nasreen Azhar here on Wednesday.

Talking to APP she said, workers are largely deprived of their legal rights and entitlements and forced to work in unhealthy and unsafe environments.

Nasreen said majority of workers at brick kilns are either women or children who are exploited and proper implementation of existing laws towards the most neglected sector was need of the hour. Brick kiln workers complained low wages of their work violating the minimum level of wages under labor law making it hard for them to meet both ends of their lives. she further said.

 She also regretted over workers pleas for facing severe challenges including lack of basic facilities, long working hours, leaves in emergency, medical facility and hazardous working conditions. 

Nasreen appreciated women workforce who were facing plenty of challenges but still continue their work to feed their families.