LAHORE        -         Progressive Group in the Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), welcoming the Prime Minister’s direction of a massive crackdown against smugglers, has urged the government to take effective measures to eradicate the menace which is not only depriving the national kitty from precious money in shape of duties and taxes evasion but also damaging the formal trade and traders.

In a joint statement issued here on Thursday, Progressive Group’s President Khalid Usman, Senior Vice President Muhammad Arshad Chaudhry and Deputy Secretary Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer said there was a strong need to inspect the proper import documents of foreign items present in the market to curb the smuggling with an iron hand.

The Progressive Group leadership said that it was raising voice time and again to take solid steps to check the smuggling as it was not only hurting the interest of law-abiding importers but also depriving the national kitty from its due share.

They also called for taking on board the real representatives of genuine importers so as to devise an effective line of action against smugglers and smuggled items.

 Increase in the regulatory duties on different imported items in recent past was due to the same menace as increasing smuggling of imported items was depriving the government from revenue and genuine importers from being competitive in the market, they added.

They claimed that a parallel economy had emerged because of smuggling in the country which was neither beneficial for the government nor the country. They urged all the stakeholders to join hands with the government and other institutions to curb this menace.