If only Pakistan had continued to invest in state subsidized education as it was doing till the 60s, this country could have avoided unregulated growth of Madrasah’, few of them nurseries for brainwashing and recruiting innocent poor into joining ranks of terrorists with an agenda to destroy this country from within. There was a time when state invested in running government schools, colleges and universities of repute, which produced scientists like Professor Abdus Salam, or those involved in providing this country defensive nuclear deterrence and numerous doctors, engineers, sportspersons, philosophers and economists of repute, who helped develop little infrastructure that we have today.

These were schools and colleges like Central Model School Lahore, GC Lahore, DJ Science College Karachi etc, where talented students, who could not afford to get educated in private schools and colleges, got admitted on merit and went on to pay back to this country through knowledge acquired at state expense. Even missionary schools like St Anthony’s High School Lahore etc have offered free quality education to members of their faith, while charging others an affordable fee like Rs25 per month till the 70s. When state shied from its obligation and adopted ‘Penny wise pound foolish policy’, by not offering subsidized quality education to abundance of talent, born in poor households, it deprived this country of valuable human resource. Nations like Japan, Germany etc, with hardly any natural resources have developed economically because of their investment in human resources, research and development, simultaneously developing their technology for defense.

Handing over education to private sector has deprived this country of its valuable human assets. It is the work of few scientists which today provide most effective defense deterrence in form of nuclear option, and not our conventional capability etc. Similarly if only we had invested 3% to 4% of our GDP on education, large majority of innocent poor forced to send their children to the Madrasah located in proximity to their residence, they would have adoption of providing education to their children in state subsidized schools and colleges. Instead we have lost over US$ 25 Billion because of menace of religious fanaticism that has destroyed our economy, our industry, security of citizens and this greed dominated corruption among paid servants of state.


Lahore. January 19.