Halal meat or other halal consumable products or a halal service has never been harmful to any person, group or community in any part of the world including Australia, same as other special diet products and consumable items like vegetarian, kosher meat, and gluten-free products are not harmful. As humans, we all have different faiths, traditions and food. In a civilised society people are free to practice whatever they want. A person not used to halal product, can consume it without any fear, as it does not have anything harmful. Yet, some people, even in the educated and informed west, need to raise issues, to fulfill their own vested interests.

A recent article, published in one of the leading Australian newspapers, on banning halal products, can be acceptable as their own view, but cannot be accepted by all Australians as Australia is a multicultural society, where every citizen has the right to have their own choice. Islam is not the only religion that prohibits certain types of foods and practices almost every religion has its own defined rules and principles. The story has not disheartened the 800,000 Australians, of Islamic faith, but it has created a conflict in the multicultural Australian values. In regards to halal food, it is the standard for 2.5 billion Muslims in the world, a dietary requirement is to have no pork or pork products, alcohol, and the meat must be slaughtered in accordance to strict guidelines, defined in the Quran.

If the anti-halal campaigners have any evidence they should bring it to the Crime Commission Authority and if any individual is involved, in any illegal activity, then they must be dealt with. These anti-halal campaigners should not create divisions in the multicultural society and create hatred in Australia. Australia is the largest meat supplier to the Muslim countries, including entire Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. If these anti-halal campaigners continue their campaign they will not only destroy the Australian meat farmers and exporters and but also tarnish Australia’ reputation around the world.


Sydney, December 28.