ISLAMABAD " The government on Sunday delivered another blow to the already hard-pressed masses in terms of increasing the petroleum prices by over 14 per cent besides jacking up the rates of the commoners' fuel namely the kerosene oil and diesel. This is the second increase in petrol prices in one month and sixth time in five months.  The PPP government had already increased the prices of the petroleum products by an average 10 per cent at the beginning of this month. Therefore, it has proven to be the second mini-budget in the first month of the new financial year less than a month after the announcement of the annual budget. The latest increase in the prices of the petroleum products would impact directly the living cost of the commoners as it would not only soar the common man's fuel consequent upon the kerosene price-hike but would also fuel the transportation cost for the commuters. According to a notification issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) late Sunday night, the tariffs of the Premium Motor Gasoline would go up from Rs 75.69 to Rs 86.66 per litre effective from July 21, 2008. Similarly, the light diesel price has gone up from Rs 49.05 to Rs 56.50 per litre indicating over 15 per cent increase. The heavy diesel price has been increased from Rs 55.15 to Rs 64.65 per litre. Moreover, the so-called common man's fuel has also been jacked up from Rs 49.73 to Rs 58.37 per litre. The OGRA notification has also pushed up the HOBC fuel price from Rs 88.85 to Rs 96.08 a litre. JP-1 went up from Rs 82.10 to Rs 90.36 per litre. JP-4 soared from Rs 76.79 to Rs 83.75 per litre and JP-8 edged up from Rs 87.99 in case of ex-PARCO to Rs 96.04 per litre while for other refineries it has gone up from Rs 85.35 to Rs 93.60 per litre. LAHORE - The public on Sunday blasted the government over the decision about further record surge in the prices of petroleum products and termed it as a 'cruel step to crush the people'. Most of the petrol pumps immediately suspended the fuel supply across Punjab shortly after the reports of hike in the prices of petroleum products telecast on the private TV channels as a breaking news. The sudden suspension of fuel supply multiplied the miseries of the motorists all over the province especially those who were travelling on roads. According to the reports, many heavy vehicles were witnessed trapped on the National Highways following the petrol pumps suspended the operation after the hike in the oil prices. The people strongly criticised the so-called public friendly PPP-government and said that they (PPP leadership) were implementing the policies of the IMF and World Bank to crush the public instead of giving any relief to them. The party, which had won the election under the slogan of providing Rooti, Kapra and Makan, to the poor is making such 'unwise' decisions that have not only made the life even tougher for the already depressed and oppressed people but also all their hopes were attached with the new government have dashed to the ground quickly. They said the PPP government had nothing to do with the suffering of the people as they are multiplying the miseries of the poor people instead of providing any relief to them. "Now we do not have any hope with this new government. The new leadership is taking even more cruel and anti-people steps than the previous government. Such decisions will ultimately push more people below the poverty line," Ahmed Khan, a car-rider commented, when contacted. Not enough, according to the dealers and agents the petrol pump owners in several parts of the Punjab were making lubricants purchase conditional to diesel supply, which has further triggered diesel price hike in the market. The diesel supply has been made conditional with lubricant purchase, which is injustice. We need only diesel but we have to pay extra due to the conditional purchase of lubricants, Rehman Ali, a small farmer in Okara district said. He said the small farmers had been left with no other option but to stay away from cultivation, as they are unable to purchase diesel to irrigate their fields. "We were at fault to vote for the PPP in February 18 general elections as all our hopes shattered when they failed to come up with the expectations of the people. They had badly failed to provide any relief to the people. They must mend their ways and give immediate relief to the people by whom they were voted to the power," Mushtaq Ahmed, a vendor said while reacting the fuel price hike. The motorists particularly the motorcyclists had to suffer a lot due to the closure of petrol pumps as they were witnessed dragging their bikes on the roads with empty tanks. Ironically, some petrol pumps taking advantage of the situation started overcharging soon after the reports of increase in the oil prices despite the fact that the government has not officially announced the hike in the petroleum prices. It may be mentioned here that after the increase in POL prices, the price of petrol will be hiked by Rs 10.97 per litre, Kerosene Oil by Rs 8.20 while the price of diesel will go up to 9.49 per litre. Meanwhile, Kerosene oil supply in the Punjab could not get normal, as it is being sold at a price higher by Rs 10 to 15 from the official rate. Dealers said that following the recent enhancement in kerosene price, oil marketing companies have started its supply, but it could not get normal so far.