HAMPSHIRE, UK: This fox chewed off more than was good for it when it started eating a cat's dinner. The ferocious feline watched the cheeky interloper for a few moments and then hissed and struck out with its claws, frightening off the fox. But the hungry wild predator came back for seconds, with the same result, an attack by the black and white cat . Trying to outfox the mighty moggie, it ran off, but cunningly circled back round to the food plate. This time the cat really let rip, dishing out more punishment. The fox hangs around for a few seconds and contemplates a third attempt to sneak past the cat. But the cat stands its ground and stands poised to defend his dinner once more.

The fox eventually retreats back to the safety of the road, taking one last look back at the cat. The unusual animal antics were captured from an upstairs window by Julie Peacock, 41, of Fleet, Hampshire, who watched amazed at the daylight robbery attempts before the fox got its just desserts. She said: 'I half expected the fox to make a meal of the cat, but just the opposite happened.–ml