Mysterious disease continues to killing cattle heads in different areas of Sargodha district. Highly perturbed over the death of their precious animals which are main source of their earnings, farmers have protested against the Livestock Department negligence.

According to details, three buffaloes worth more than Rs0.7 million died of mysterious disease in Chak 32 of Southern Sargodha on Saturday.

It should be mentioned that the disease which could not be detected by cattle owners and veterinary experts also has so far left dozens of cattle dead in various areas of the district.

The cattle rearing people have started moving to other villages due to fear of the disease affecting their animals.

The farmers have expressed grave concern over the criminal negligence of the livestock department officials in taking steps to control the spread of disease and treatment of affected animals.

They demanded the authorities concerned for taking notice and financial assistance of the farmers who suffered losses due to deaths of cattle.