LAHORE - The political situation in the country will witness a drastic change after President Zardari, Army Chief Gen Kayani and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry retire from their offices and their successors assume responsibilities, a central leader of the Pakistan Awami Tehrik says.

Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry, senior vice president, said while talking to The Nation on Saturday that the 100-day performance of the PML-N government would expose the failures of the new PML-N-led setup and people who had voted for the party would soon feel disenchanted.

He said PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri was working on a new political system for the country which would be announced in due course. He said now that the PPP and the MQM were losing their popularity, the PAT would fill the void. “The future belongs to the PAT”.

He said Dr Qadri was a visionary leader and what he had said before the elections was proving true.  Even PTI Chairman Imran Khan had said in his interviews that Dr Qadri was right in his assessments. Criticizing the present government for its “impatience” to start trade with India, the PAT leader said without settling the Kashmir and water disputes such an approach would not be in Pakistan’s interest. He said the prime minister’s assertions that people of Pakistan and India had similar cultures amounted to negating the Two-Nation Theory. Trade relations, he said, should be based on economic considerations, not similarity of cultures. In the prevailing situation when Pakistan’s industrial sector had been ruined because of uncontrolled power outages, Pakistan was not in a position to export much to India. In fact, he said, Pakistan would become a market for Indian products and the balance of trade would always be in India’s favour. In his opinion, trade with India in the prevailing situation would adversely affect the industrial sector of Pakistan. Answering a question, he said without stringent measures the menace of corruption could not be eradicated.

He proposed that competent professionals should be appointed as heads of all important institutions. Once people of integrity were brought on top positions, others down the line would not dare involve themselves in corrupt practices.

Chaudhry Sharif, a former banker who held important positions in a number of government institutions, called for urgent steps to prevent the flight of capital. He said rupee was losing its value as a result of which the economy was being adversely hit.

He proposed that overseas Pakistanis should be given incentives for investment in various sectors. Such an approach would help the country reduce dependence on foreign loans, the PAT leader said.