ISLAMABAD : The Rs 109.322 million Keyal Khawar Hydropower project after its completion will generate 122MW power and help save Rs 3.5 billion per annum on account of import bill. According to WAPDA documents, the physical progress of the project is 40 per cent. The project will add 426 million units of low-cost electricity to the national grid. The project is located at Keyal Khawar, Right Tributary of the Indus in Dasu district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 310 kilometre from Islamabad.

Germany granted Euro 77 million for the project under the loan agreement and gave Euro 20 million more in the supplementary loan agreement. The project’s detailed engineering design and the pre-qualification of firms for civil and electro-mechanical works of the project is under process and is likely to be completed soon, revealed the documents.