Megan Fox is seen clutching a controversial knuckle duster style iPhone case as she strolls around on set of her latest movie.

Dressed in a casual check shirt and grey joggers Megan, 27, looked stunning as she exited her trailer behind the scenes on the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie holding on to gadget.

The case was originally made famous by Rihanna back in 2012 with thousands being sold after she was spotted carrying one. However it soon attracted heavy criticism when it was reported that star Jenna Jameson was arrested for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend with the heavy metal case.

All versions except a less lethal plastic one like Megan’s were then banned from being sold on eBay due to the risk of them being used as a weapon.

Megan plays April O’Neill in the remake of the 1990 film based on the popular cartoon series, which also stars Whoopi Goldberg and rapper Mos Def.