A 10-year-old art prodigy dubbed the 'Mini Monet' has seen his earnings soar to £1.5m after his latest collection sold for £250,000 in just 20 minutes.

Kieron Williamson first started painting when he was just five years old and was inspired by boats in dock during a family holiday to Cornwall.

His work first came on the market in 2009, when he was just seven, and 19 of his paintings were sold for £14,000 in a sealed-bid auction.

Since then he has gained international renown and his new collections are regularly snapped up for hundreds of thousands of pounds from buyers around the world.

At the most recent sale 23 of his works were bought for a total of £242,000 in just 20 minutes by eager buyers.

Prices ranged from £2,450 for a small watercolour to £30,000 for a winter snow scene near his home in Norfolk.