ISLAMABAD - Pathetic Pakistan snatched draw from the jaws of victory against the West Indian team which was down and out till the 47th over of the third ODI.

Coward captaincy, poor fielding and lousy above all lousy wicket-keeping cost Pakistan dearly. As earlier predicted by this scribe that Pakistan would struggle in the wicket-keeping department, as make shift keeper Umar Akmal would find it really difficult to keep behind the wickets on Caribbean track, which are known for keeping low, and it is almost impossible for a part timer to perform wicket-keeping duties, but Umar tried to perform this role in the best possible manner, but he comes well short from perfection.

Had any other regular keeper was their, he could have easily run out Holder and despite poor captaincy by Misbah, Pakistan could have won the third ODI and taken a 2-1 lead, but matches can't be win on ifs and buts. The reality is Pakistan played poor cricket in all the three matches till date and it was their pathetic batting and poor fielding in the third ODI which cost them dearly.  For the third time in a row, Pakistan batting failed miserably against not more than average West Indian bowling. In fact, it was not extra-ordinary effort of the West Indian blowers which provided them the break through, but it was poor technique and wrong selection of the shots, which led to the downfall of the Pakistan batsmen.

What is the purpose of having Nasir Jamshed, Ahmed Shahzad and M Hafeez in the team, when they can't provide even ordinary stands? Instead of having specialist player in the team as a wicket-keeper, the team management should have opted to field a regular keeper but the team management is in a fix and they are left with no other option but to pick a rocky wicketkeeper. Had the selectors used common sense before announcing the squad for this important tour and kept in mind some harsh realities, things could have been far different, but they had other ideas and they just relied upon miracles than focusing on the ground realities.

Pakistan top order and middle order batting is now becoming a headache for the coach, who, instead of working on removing the flaws of his team, was busy in praying for the favourable results. What a downfall, Pakistan batting was never their strength for the last many years, but things were not at such alarming position but since Dave Whatmore has taken the reins of the team, Pakistan batting is going from bad to worst from each passing day. Stylish batsman like Younus Khan was dropped for unsatisfactory performances, but the selectors ignored the fact that Younus is the only batsman after Misbah, who could provide the much-needed depth in the middle order.  No doubt, Misbah is very reliable batsman in the ODIs, but his overcautious approach has already cost Pakistan dearly and majority of the matches that green caps failed to win are just because of Misbah's defensive approach. Had Misbah utilized his bowlers accordingly, Pakistan could have easily won the match and that too with a handsome margin. Misbah completely ignored the harsh fact, who is going to bowl the last over.

The team management finally woke up from the deep slump and common sense prevailed as Junaid and Haris Sohail got nod over Asad Ali and Asad Shaifque. Both players reposed the selectors’ confidence with more than reasonable performances. Juniad bowled very well and picked up crucial wickets and that too at very crucial stages of the match.

Wahab Riaz is a complete flop as neither can he bat nor he can field well and he looked completely out of shape in the last three ODIs. He bowled some good deliveries, but overall he failed to justify his selection.  Shahid Afirdi is also a big flop as he could never learn despite playing a great number of matches. He still doesn't understand that his departure spell disaster for Pakistan, as he can't wait for the right ball to hit. How many chances does Afirdi require to learn this simple thing?

Misbah has missed the simple trick as he could have either hold on his main bowlers for the final push or at least, he should have kept in mind a simple thing that tail enders are known for hitting big shots. By giving last over to Wahab, Misbah had made their job easy. What was the reason of not going with Hafeez and Afridi could have bowled the last over too then why Misbah chose Wahab who was not even close to average bowling?

Precious time has already been wasted on these minor issues and now the time has come to finally pick the right combination and instead of relying on things to happen, Pakistan team must perform and utilize their talent to best of their abilities. They have to remove that tag of inconsistent and vulnerable. The PCB must hire professional local batting coach, who may spend time in the nets with all the players and help them overcoming their shattered confidence, otherwise, it will be very difficult to win matches on bowlers performances.