KARACHI : Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations across Sindh including Karachi resumed the provision of the utility at 8:00am Saturday morning after 48 hours closure. Citizens of Karachi faced extreme difficulties by the CNG closure as the public transport completely vanished due to the unavailability of fuel. According to Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)’s load management plan, the gas stations will be opened 24 hours earlier than the time given but currently the citizens are facing 24 x 2 hours closure.

Earlier, SSGC announced the schedule for the blockage of CNG supply to the filling station across Sindh including Karachi from Thursday’s morning 8:00am till next day’s 8:00 but the closure time increases upto 48 hours with the SSGC’s justification for gas shortage and rise in demand.

However, long queues of vehicles were witnessed at CNG outlets much after the reopening time at 8:00am Saturday morning given by the Sui Southern Gas load management program.

Motorists, transporters and commuters equally suffered due to consecutive two days of suspension of gas supply to the CNG stations. NNI