ISLAMABAD-A deadline given to the Federal Commission formed to review master plan of the capital city has expired.

The commission was formed in December last year with a 6-month deadline to revise the master plan, which expired on 13th July.

However, according to the members of the commission, a final preliminary report is being compiled and it will be extended to the federal government for further action within next few weeks.

Meanwhile, it has been learnt that the said preliminary report would not be the final outcome towards the revision of the master plan for the next two decades but it would be considered as an outline to be followed in this regard.

The federal commission has conducted several surveys, public hearings and debates while also sought input from general public in addition to its own continuous meetings.

“An overview, problems identification and a way forward to address these problems in the final revision of master plan are the key ingredients of our preliminary report”, a member of the federal commission informed, explaining: “We have suggested to engage a technical consultant, which will conduct required studies and finally submit its recommendations for the revision the master plan.”

However, when contacted, Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) and convener of the federal commission Amir Ali Ahmed explained that they were going to submit preliminary report to the federal government.

“The services of a highly reputed and experienced consultant is required to amend the master plan and our report is going to recommend its engagement though a keenly tailored request for proposal (RFP)”, he added, saying: “Now, it will be on federal government how it will proceed further”.

On the other side, according to the RFP prepared by the Federal Commission to hire the consultants, the consultant will have to complete its work in 8 months that include 60 days for submitting preliminary report, 210 days for the submission of draft final report while the final report would be submitted in 30 days after the approval of draft report.

According to RFP document, the consultant will have to conduct multiple studies to identify the existing situation and for future forecasting to prepare the fresh Master Plan for the capital city.

The subjects of studies enlisted in RGP include natural and cultural assets inventory and assessment, demographic surveys, demand forecast under the demographic scenarios, preference and acceptability studies, urban design, finance and value capture studies, institutional and organisational capacity building for the implementation of master plan, models of re-development proposal for ‘katchi abbadis’ and unapproved settlements and flood analysis.

After conducting these studies, the consultant will have to develop a list of strategic issues while it will also provide a comprehensive action plan to address these issues for next 20 years.

Core responsibilities listed in the RFP for the consultant are the revision of master plan (2020-40) and revision of the zoning regulations for ICT; however, the consultant will also provide action programme for at least 17 strategic issues identified by the Federal Commission.

The purposed programme would cover housing, commercial, industry and trade, Margalla hills national park, water supply, sewerage, drainage and solid waste management, unregulated and unauthorised developments, community facilities (parks, playgrounds and graveyards), utility services, institutions, water resources, energy resources, food production, transportation, natural resources, tourism and arts, sustainable urban design strategies and strategic urban projects.

The comprehensive revision of master plan was supposed to be carried out after every 20 years but it could not be done once and previous governments only amended it partially. It is the credit of incumbent government to constitute the commission but now it should have to show restraint to revise the master plan ignoring political pressures.