LAHORE-Following a string of disturbing sexual harassment and accusations of misconduct on Twitter previously this week, vlogger Umar Khan, known as Ukhano, is now also accused of stealing and profiting from intellectual property.

Ahmad Butt, a singer and the brains behind Rearts, took to twitter to discuss how Umar Khan sold music of Coke Studio artist Naseer Afridi to a true estate development business called CPIC.

He claims that Umar worked as a vlogger for a company that had other global vloggers on board as well.

“He used Naseers music in his videos without permission and sold 3 of his songs with rights namely ‘Za Sta Pashan Nayam’, ‘Hero’ and ‘Geet’ to said company,” he wrote.

“Ukhano had conveyed to the company that Naseer Afridi was aware of this when in reality, he wasn’t. Ukhano received a good sum of money for selling Naseers songs and kept it for himself.”

When Naseer found out once the videos started doing the rounds on social media, he approached the company to clear the air.