LOS ANGELES-Emails between Johnny Depp and his former management firm discussing his financial situation have been made public as part of their ongoing legal battle.

The 53-year-old actor is locked in a legal battle with his former management company, The Management Group (TMG) - who he sued for mismanaging his money, while they hit back insisting his money problems are his own fault - and now the firm have submitted emails he sent as part of a 109-page document fighting back against the ‘Rum Diary’ star’s attempts to keep his former agent and lawyer from being subpoenaed in the case.

Among the documents is an exchange between TMG’s Joel Mandel and the actor, dated 2009, in which the businessman urged his famous client to ‘’take it easy’’ on holiday spending, consider setting a limit for participating in a Dilinger Museum auction and asking to set up a meeting to ‘’look realistically at income and expenses and to work together on how to make sure that these are back in balance.’’

In response, Johnny - who has kids Lily-Rose, 18, and Jack, 15, with ex-partner Vanessa Paradis - promised to do what he could, but insisted one expense he couldn’t do without was flying by private jet as a commercial flight would be a nightmare of monumental proportions’’.

According to documents obtained by Deadline, he wrote: ‘’dear joel=’’first, thank you for dealing and getting me through. secondly, i am doing my very best on holiday spending, but there is only so much i can do, as i need to give my kiddies and famille as good a Christmas as possible, obviously within reason. but, regarding the plane situation,., i don’t have all that many options at the moment. a commercial flight with paparazzis in tow would be a nightmare of monumental proportions. ‘’forget the dillinger auction. don’t need it.

‘’know that i will be starting THE TOURIST, on or about the 15th of february; which will be 20 mil. i will then go, virtually, straight into PIRATCS 4, for 35 mil and then in turn to DARK SHADOWS for another 20 mil. i hope that by the amount that will be coming in from work in the coming year and also from back end proceeds, etc., will put everything straight.

‘’what else can i do??? you want me to sell same art??? i will. you want me to sell something else??? sure... what??? boat is going to be chartered at new years and sony will then charter it for the TOURIST shoot in venice. other than that, i got bikes, cars, property, books, paintings and some semblance of a soul left, where would you like me to start???

‘’i don’t like being in this situation, but there wasn’t a whole lot of choice, as THE RUM DIARY was a sacrifice we knew would be happening and the last proper paycheck was PUBLIC ENEMIES.

‘’i will do my best, joel.(sic)’’

Other documents submitted in the filing included 2010 correspondence between Joel and the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star’s sister, Christi Dembrowski, in which the business manager wrote the actor’s accounts were almost $4 million overdrawn, and requesting Johnny’s signature to secure a $6 million loan.

TMG insist the exchanges with various agents, managers, and lawyers prove Johnny was aware of his financial situation.

According to E! News, they said: ‘’Depp wants to deny this discovery because it will establish that TMG did everything within its power to make Depp, and all of his closest advisors, fully aware of Depp’s financial condition. If TMG was trying to hide Depp’s finances to cover-up their alleged misconduct, they would not have repeatedly advised Depp’s long-term personal lawyer, Jake Bloom, and his longtime agent, Tracey Jacobs, regarding the situation.’’