FAISLABAD-Acting Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Liaqat Baloch has said hampering and threatening judiciary and JIT is highly condemnable.

"It is the stance of entire nation that corruption must be weeded out and there should be an effective accountability process to eliminate corruption," he pointed out, adding that the way the judiciary and JIT are being threatened and efforts are being made to hamper their way is condemnable.

Talking to journalists here at District Press Club on Tuesday, Baloch said that only Supreme Court is such an institution which can take notice of all these things.

He warned if the rulers don't refrain from "their mean tactics" and frustration is created among people and accountability through JIT and judiciary is made impossible then all these things will come on roads, cross roads and streets.

"If working relationship between the civil and military leadership remains tense then the corrupt and incompetent rulers are responsible for it and there is no good governance at all in the country," he remarked.

Responding to a question, the acting JI chief said that nation will get good news about formation of religious parties' alliance after Eid. "The religious parties will sit together after Eid and evolve a strategy and political journey will start," he expressed his optimism.

About winning ICC Champions trophy, he said that Pakistan has got historical win by defeating India in Oval, adding that he congratulate the whole nation over the historic victory of the team Pakistan.