ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Senator Nihal Hashmi on Tuesday said a doctored part of his speech was prepared under a conspiracy as on the same day PTI chief Imran Khan and others started a malicious campaign against him.

Hashmi filed a reply to a show-cause notice issued to him by the Supreme Court. On June 16, a three-member Panama Papers implementation bench had directed Hashmi to submit a reply to the show-cause notice on or before June 23.

The senator prayed the court to withdraw or vacate the show-cause notice and order to quash criminal proceedings against him on the basis of the FIR filed against him at the Bahadurabad Police Station in Karachi and all other criminal proceedings pertaining to the case.

He also asked the court to initiate criminal proceedings against the “actual culprits” who distorted and doctored some pieces of his speech and transmitted the same to the social and the electronic media and misguided the court, which resulted in the issuance of the show-cause notice.

The senator stated that the entire record provided to him “does not attract any penal action against him as no act of contempt appears out from this material”, while on the other hand, “it reflects the conspiracy of all the persons who have doctored the speech out of context”. Hashmi said that he a loyal Pakistani and has great regard for the judiciary and has an unblemished record as practicing advocate for the last 30 years.

Hashmi said that in order to maintain the authority, prestige, honour, and dignity of the superior courts, everyone involved in lowering down it should be dealt severely. “In the present case those who have in fact cause contempt of the authority have repeatedly issued statements which attract action by the apex court,” Hashmi said.

He contended that Imran Khan and his party men, Leader of the Opposition in Senate Aitzaz Ahsan and others issued the statements which were repeatedly telecast on TV channels on May 31.

He raised many questions; whether the treatment of the court with him at the first date of hearing was proper and according to law or not? Whether to pull him in the Panama Papers case without any rhyme or reason was according to the law or not?

Whether by lodging a criminal case against him without being given any opportunity to be heard was according to law or not? Whether the political cases have become an overburden upon the system of administration of justice or not?

Whether due to the pendency of political cases, the original, appellant, advisory, issue and execution and review jurisdiction according to the provisions of the constitution as provided in article  184 to 188 of Constitution of  Pakistan is seriously affecting or not?

Whether the nature of the supervisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is converting into an investigating in nature or not? Whether to pull this Court in the laundry of politicians is not affecting the great honour of the apex court?