KARACHI - Sindh Inspector General of Police Allah Dino Khawaja stressed the need for improving the police strategy against the street crimes.

He said that the plainclothes personnel should be deployed at the small and big shopping centers and their surroundings. The police mobiles should patrol on the main thoroughfares while motorcycle squads should be on the narrow and congested locations.

In a statement issued by Central Police Office (CPO) on Tuesday, IGP said that the coordination between the security personnel should be ensured while performing security duties.

The citizens should be provided immediate response if they approach police helpline 15, police stations, DIGs and SSPs offices in case of street crimes or other crimes. The police posts should be established and snap checking should be conducted surroundings the banks’ ATMs in the street crime hit areas in a city.

The IGP also stressed to enhance the patrolling and snap checking in entire city including the entry exit points of the city and innocent citizens should not be harassed and there should be a need to make a friendly environment between the police and the citizens.

The street crimes remains on the climb here in the metropolis. Police sources said that the number of incidents have been increased despite the efforts to curb the street crimes. Sources revealed that as many as dozen people have been wounded or killed when offer resistance during street crimes.

 Law enforcement agencies made tall claims about the decline in crimes and also claimed to have arrested over hundred thousand criminals during Karachi operation but street crimes remains on its peak and hundreds of citizens have daily been deprived off their valuables. Security agencies have had made numerous strategies to prevent such incidents but unable to chalk out the successful strategy.