WAZIRABAD-Ruling party MNA Iftikhar Ahmad Cheema has said that PML-N MPA Shaukat Manzoor from PP-104 has been patronising the corrupt and commission mafia thereby causing humiliation to the party.

The MNA said that a committee consisting of local PML-N leaders will decide new candidate for PP-104 to replace MPA Shaukat Manzoor.

He was addressing an Iftar dinner, hosted by Mustansar Ali Gondal, N League's district president at Wazirabad. He stated that he has been indicating for long time about the corruption of MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema.

"Almost 50 percent of the development funds have been embezzled and major portion has gone in commission," he said. He said that the MPA had got Rs280 million as development funds for his constituency out of which major part has been taken to his own area instead of the whole constituency while a large portion of the fund grabbed by commission mafia. He announced establishment of the committee, comprising (N) league's local elders, which will select and nominate a candidate from urban area of Wazirabad. The decision of the committee and name of nominee will be given to high command for approval accordingly. If the committee's nominee is not accepted, he (Iftikhar Cheema) himself will leave his candidature too in retaliation and will go with the people, he added.

Earlier, district president Mustansar Ali Gondal Advocate in his welcome address stated that MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema is a member of corruption and commission mafia and is causing humiliation to the party. He said that residents of Wazirabad Town had been deprived of their basic rights so the next candidate should compulsorily be from Wazirabad Town and a campaign for the purpose will be launched and elders will decide the new candidate.

N League's stalwart Idrees Spal Advocate seconded the proposal of Mustansar Gondal and stated that new candidate must have transparent political career, he said. "Campaign against the corrupt representative must reach its logical end," he said. Workers of N League are depressed due to the notoriety the sitting MPA, he added.

When contacted, MPA Shaukat Manzoor stated that it was only a blame game because they fell in inferiority complex. "I have conducted huge development work in my constituency as per demand and consultation of the people of his constituency while internal rivals did not like my close association with the people," he concluded.