ISLAMABAD  (PR)  Some faculty members closed down COMSATS University, one of the largest public sector universities in Islamabad, only to seek their illegal job confirmation. The call for protest came despite the earlier commitment given by the illegal staff association to abide by the decisions of the senior administration. The said association was declared an illegal entity by Ministry of Science and Technology.

A group of employees including the ones terminated upon harassment and discipline issues through Efficiency and Discipline Rules of the University, are actually instigating the unrest for their private grievances and gains.

Senior administrative officials of the University stated that only legal and fair demands of the faculty members have been agreed to. The proper course for the affirmation of these decisions rests with COMSATS University Senate. The illegal association is, however, not ready to follow the rules and regulations and is using blackmail tactics to pressurize the senior administration to issue orders that are illegal and are against public policy.

Earlier the Federal Minister for Science and Technology (MoST), Fawad Chaudhry also agreed to hold negotiations between the senior administration and the illegal staff association. The Minister ordered formation of a committee headed by the Federal Secretary MoST, to assess the demands of the employees and grant relief under rules. Fawad Chaudry also assured early implementation of the orders if there were no financial or legal implications. Those upset by the decisions of the senior administration to conduct inquiry and audit of key decisions were also instigating the illegal staff association.

Meanwhile, university administration exercised restraint and is working with the Ministry and the district administration to ensure that rules are followed and no one is allowed to take the law into their own hands and threaten property or person of anyone. Islamabad Campus of the University has been closed until Friday in order to ensure that the matter is resolved as per rules and writ of the administration is enforced with the help of the Ministry and the district administration.