ISLAMABAD  -    Professionally an urban planner and economist but a born artist in her own right, Erum Ashfaq is displaying her creative art work at National Art Gallery of Pakistan National Council of the Arts in Islamabad from Thursday.

Solo exhibition titled “The Passion: Harmonised”, displaying her latest landscapes and heritage buildings paintings, will continue for a week till June 27.

For her, it was all matter of destiny that each particle of nature compelled her to the world of colours. Her solo art show “The Passion: Harmonised” is another milestone on her way to find depths and new challenges in the field of creative art work of paintings. She has certainly added more to her canvas than before; her paintings show that her strokes are now much mature than before and present various parts of the country in colours on canvases. She travels and give variety to her canvas for portraying landscapes ranging from small town country areas to hills, lakes, canals and forests amalgamated with different light effects and moods of weather.

In a short span of just 9 years, Erum Ashfaq has come a long way to establish herself an accomplished artist who has participated in a number of solo and group arts within the country and also abroad  since 2010 when Nayyer Al Dada  provided her first opportunity to display her art in his Nairang Art Gallery. I

t was a profound effect of her powerful strokes and use of colours that made the viewers fully approve and appreciate her artistic skills although she had not got formal education in arts from any formal art institution. She has done Masters from University of Engineering and Technology in Urban Planning and in Economics from the Punjab University.

It was an extremely short time when her heritage buildings set in afternoon shadows caught interest and attention of not only the aristocratic art lovers but  people from all walks of life also got attracted to her creative art work.

She drives her palette from intricacies of feelings and manifests them in colours. Her miraculous use of colours and delicate strokes give a never-ending depth to her paintings which makes the viewers having sense of being at that heritage building. She mainly uses light and shadows to express the contrast of life, of happiness and grief, day and night, the combination of nature that makes perfections. The artist gives variety to her canvas, her happiness is always is always roses; sorrows are broken walls with dying day light. Her pivotal point of painting is certainly an afternoon as she assertively says, “Afternoon is the most powerful time of a day, it lies on the verge of a living and a dying day; this time is gloomy and so is unfathomable, the time depicts a moment where happiness departs and sadness sets in”.

Heritage buildings are Erum Ashfaq’s centre of interest to paint and she is always obsessed with old historical and cultural buildings. Deep inside her, she believes time never stops, it never does so, rather each passing moment settles in our souls, decorate it, nourish it, sometimes destroys it but always remains a part of us. For the artist, it has been proven that passion and profession can be taken together since there does not lie any hindrance to pursue both.  She has so far conducted over 19 solo and group shows of her creative art work in and outside Pakistan so far.