ISLAMABAD   -   Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Minister Dr Fahmida Mirza has urged the world to take notice of few certain countries, who are playing spoilers role and depriving genuine sports nations of participating in international events.

Without mentioning the name of India Minister, she said: “It is highly unjustified to deprive Pakistani athletes of participating in mega events, by using different dirty tactics. I strongly condemned that and demand international sports governing bodies not to allow such countries to host events, until they are bound to issue visas to all participating nations,” said Dr Fahmida during the prize distribution ceremony held to honour 83 international medal winning athletes here at Rodham Hall, Pakistan Sports Complex on Thursday.

“Pakistan is a sporting reality and no one can deny us from our fundamental right of not only participating in mega events but also winning us medals in different international events,” she added.

The Minister said: “We have to look into reasons, why we are lacking behind in sporting world and especially in the games like squash, hockey and cricket, in which we have ruled the world. After the passage of 18th amendment, sports were handed over to the provinces, even then I have held meetings with provincial sports ministers and tried to help all those federations, who are performing at international level.

“I agree we are not providing sufficient amount, which should be provided to the federations and athletes to stand chances of competing against the best in the business, but I promise I will provide every possible assistance to the federations, arrange top coaches and turn the PSB into the best in the world. The renovation/maintenance work at PSB has started and myself visited Fatima Jinnah Hostel, Allama Iqbal Hostel and personally checked washrooms and kitchens and found them very filthy. I assure you all that I will utilise funds for the uplift of PSB structure and improve the facilities in the best possible manner,” she added.

Dr Fahmida said: “Around 39 federations are affiliated with PSB, but we can’t provide grants to all. They have to generate funds and I will also make sure private sponsors are also taken onboard. I know the federations want the funds to be spent on betterment of athletes and coaches so I promise to personally monitor the entire process and spend each and every penny on the athletes. I know this is a meager cash incentive we are distributing among the athletes, but at least it has started and it will be enhanced gradually.

“I will soon call Sports Diplomacy conference in which all the stakeholders will be invited. We want to eliminate hatred from sports, which teach us lesson of compensating and respecting each other. We have released special grants to all those federations, who have performed nationally and internationally and I invite all federations to submit suggestions/recommendations to the PSB for betterment of sports as action on all positive suggestions will surely be taken,” she said.

On Pakistan cricket team’s dismal performance in the ICC World Cup 2019, the Minister said: “The ICC World Cup is still open and we must not criticise our national team. Once the world cup is over and if green caps fail to live up to the expectations, we will take stern action. As far as Task Force is concerned, they only submit suggestions. We will introduce changes in PSB and make it a place where athletes love to train. I will keep on working on improving standard of sports and athletes. The PM is an honest person and he wants to work for Pakistani people.”

She congratulated Director General Arif Ibrhaim, IPC Secretary Akbar Hussain Durrani, DDG Facilities Agha Amjedullah, Director Hostels Malik Imtiaz Hussain, Assistant Director Women Cell Shazia Ejaz and entire staff of PSB for putting up great show and making the ceremony a huge success.