LAHORE-Participants at a seminar have called for a movement against the crippling disease on the pattern of dengue for its complete eradication from Pakistan.

The seminar was organised by the Emergency Operations Centre of Punjab for polio eradication at a local hotel on Wednesday and participated by people from all walks of life including doctors of Pakistan Medical Association, Pakistan Pediatric Association, ulema from all schools of thought, teachers and journalists from key organisations.

Speaking on the occasion, Health Services Director General Dr Munir Ahmad stated that an emergence of a polio case in the provincial capital had strengthened government’s resolve and brought various stakeholders even closer.

“We have the human resource and the will to defeat this crippling disease in 2019 with the support of civil society,” Dr Munir said reassuring the audience. 

Lahore Deputy Commissioner Saleha Saeed said she was deeply saddened by the incidence of polio case in Lahore. “Whenever I see the polio-affected child of Lahore I feel disappointed because it is something that we could have prevented,” Saleha said adding, “I think not just doctors but all of us need to know about the importance of polio eradication. I believe it is not just my duty but duty of all citizens to help health department in polio eradication.”

Speaking on the occasion khateeb of Badhshahi Mosque, Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad called for a joint strategy to spread the message of polio eradication in every nook and corner of Pakistan.

“We will not sit idle. Let’s all ulema and people from all walks of life join hands to ensure that all children receive polio vaccination”, the khateeb of the mosque stressed.

Other religious scholars who participated in the seminar included Pir Usman Noori , Abdul Mustafa Chishti etc. “I assure you that we ulema without any doubt will make polio eradication messaging a part of our daily consultations with people from different walks of life so that no more child is affected by polio,” Maulana added.