ISLAMABAD   -  After resolving thousands of complaints in a few months, the Prime Minister Performance Delivery Unit is now striving to find out permanent solutions of issues by identifying the grey areas in service delivery. 

Pakistan Citizens’ Portal - a mobile app to lodge complaints regarding government departments has found tremendous response from general public and a total of 816,409 citizens got themselves registered with this system since October 2018 while a total of 499,684 complaints were received during this period.

All the government institutions including the armed forces are answerable to the general public through this portal as they are properly replying to the complaints lodged by common people regarding service delivery.

According to official correspondence available with The Nation, three different accounts named the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Air Staff and Chief of Naval Staff were created by PMDU and they are responding to complaints and queries lodged by general public about their subordinate department through Ministry of Defence. 

The PMDU has resolved a total of 339,506 complaints, which are 68 percent of the total grievances received while 55 percent of these resolved complaints received positive feedback from the citizens.

However, the PMDU in its own analysis considers that the resolution of matters are recurrent in nature and there is a dire need to find out permanent solutions by identifying the grey areas in existing policy and legal framework.      

The PMDU has asked all the ministries and divisions to prepare the lists of issues where new legislation or policy formulation is required.

Senior officers attached to PMDU explained that the decision came after receiving frequent complaints where no policy is in place or where a development scheme is needed but not initiated or proposed yet.

A letter written by PMDU further stated that policy formulation and conception of development projects in the light of public complaints and suggestions can lead to the best form of citizen centric participatory governance.

The letter further directed to solicit information as to what actions had been or being taken in the light of public complaints so as to address the grey areas of service delivery process once for all.    

When contacted, the operational head of PMDU Adil Saeed Safi maintained that it is going to happen for the first time in the history of Pakistan that the policies and schemes would be formulated purely on the identification and suggestion of common people. “We don’t want to just resolve complaints on individual bases but want to evolve a system of problem identification which is the first step of public policy formulation process in modern world,” he added.

While confirming the response given by armed forces to public complaints, Safi explained: “Institutions working under ministry of defence are replying on citizen portal but regarding service delivery issues only.”

He said a common citizen can complain for any service delivery issue but he has no right to ask for sensitive information and such requests are not being entertained at all.

He informed that over 6,000 departments are attached with the citizen portal while provincial governments are also fully aligned with the idea and respective chief secretaries are fully cooperating in this regard.