KARACHI - The Federal Govt-funded plan to bring the four thousand CNG buses in the metropolis within five years under the supervision of CDGK is shelved, The Nations has learnt on Wednesday. The main reason pointed out is that Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has opposed the establishment of CNG filling stations for theses buses. Moreover, Provincial Transport ministry has also not allowed them to use the defunct KTC bus depots for the same purposes. Informed sources in Transport and Communication Department (TCD) said that Sui Southern Gas Company (SUGC) had to install pressure oriented gas lines on the stations, but they did not do so and the project is still hanging between. CDGK was to supervise this gigantic project through the financial help of Federal Govt in a period of five years. It was amongst the high profiled projects of CDGK as to increase the transport facilities for the passengers and to introduce pollution free transport system in the city, but despite passing more than one and half year, the project is yet to be started. The TCD has planned to establish the 10 CNG filling stations on BOT basis to initiate the project in which three stations were to be established at three KPT bus depots and the other seven stations in Clifton, Baldia, Korangi, Malir, Surjani town. But, due to unnecessary objections by the provincial transport ministry, the work could not be initiated on three KPT bus depots. Sources mentioned that another reason in the delay of the project was monotonous attitude of the former EDO of TCD. Later, OGRAs refusal to allow the opening of Gas stations has further propelled the project in doldrums, sources said. Sources further mentioned that when TCD failed to establish the gas station, the city nazim gave this responsibility to Enterprise and Investment Promotion (E&IP) department of city government, but they also failed to take initiative in this regard. The sources said that instead of starting work on seven locations, the E&IP department increased five more locations, which was later abolished due to refusal of providing the land by Board of Revenue for this purpose. Sources said that at least seven private companies submitted their documents for the construction of gas filling stations, but OGRA did not allow the permission for this, as they had banned the new stations. That is why the project could not be initiated. Sources mentioned that E&IP contacted the SUGC for assembling the pressure gas line and discussion between the two institutions are going on, but till the ban is imposed on the establishment of new stations, there is no hope that project could be initiated.