THE World Hepatitis Day was celebrated around the globe on Tuesday. Reportedly, one in 12 persons worldwide are living with chronic hepatitis B or C. The germs of the disease, caused by a viral infection, are so lethal that they render the liver dysfunctional. Contaminated food and water can also cause Hepatitis A and E. The alarming thing is that a majority of the patients are unaware that they are carrying the disease. There is a need under the circumstances to launch a public awareness campaign. In Pakistan, because of a low literacy level, people do not know how it is caused. They would have to be told about the precautionary measures to guard against it. It is really shocking to note the widespread use of surgical equipment without sterilisation and the recycled syringes in the country, which are potent sources of the infection. There ought to be a persistent campaign stressing precautions and keeping cleanliness uppermost. The pity is that even our hospitals and clinics leave a lot to be desired.