The Old Age Home run by CDG in Green Town Lahore has unhealthy atmosphere full of germs. The situation is getting worse due to carelessness of the management. Nobody is ready to listen to complaints. The food is served in very cheap crockery made of plastic that is not even food-grade. It may cause diseases like TB, Hepatitis or (who knows) even cancer to the inmates here. This cracked-up crockery is forever rancid as it is never washed properly. The food is kept in unhygienic conditions in the community kitchen and is not covered properly. The water-purifier has been out of order for a long time. This situation creates potential for water borne diseases. The kitchen is full of dirt, insects and rodents of various kinds. Bathrooms are also dirty and no insecticides are ever used in their cleaning. -N.M. NAZ, Lahore, May 5.