RAWALPINDI - More than 200 old buildings and structures in the city are posing grave threat not only to the life and property of their occupants but also the populations living nearby. Most of these buildings are located in Rawal Town administrated area. As per record they have been declared highly dangerous, however, according to a list of such buildings, released by TMA in 2005, some 200 buildings were announced as on the verge of collapse by the inspection teams. No doubt the Rawal Town administration has served the occupants with the notices and asked them to vacate the buildings immediately. The administration also asked the occupants of these buildings to raze them to ward off any untoward incident, however, the administration failed to offer them any alternate plan of rehabilitation. Moreover, the occupants of these buildings have not been offered any compensation for reconstruction even if they raze them. The administration had served the notices in 2005 but it did not bother to make implementation of said orders on the ground and left the dwellers at risk. These badly damaged buildings, located in congested old city areas like Bhabra Bazaar, Akal Garh, Gawalmandi, Sarafa Market, Ratta Amral Chityan Hatyan, Mochi Bazaar, Niya Mohallah, Liaqat Road, Bohar Bazaar, Purana Qila, Bansawala Chowk, Landa Bazaar, Ganjmandi, Qasai Gali, Sabzi Mandi, Nankari Bazaar, Imambarah Road, Sunyara gali etc. It is gratifying to note that most of these buildings are the property of Auqaf department and their inhabitants are bound by the law that they cant carry out any construction or repair work at all. Thats, inhabitants think, a key hurdle in the way of renovation of these buildings. It was also learnt that various dwellers of such dilapidated buildings are also running profitable businesses in these buildings. Some have installed water filtration plants and providing water to the nearby markets on cheap rate. Residents of the buildings are also generating handsome income by renting out portions of these buildings to traders who use them as their stores. Many small industries like packing and manufacturing of spices are also being run in some buildings and mostly women are engaged in this business. Besides, illegal manufacturing of fireworks and unhygienic juices are also done in these buildings. An official of TMA said that most of the dwellers of such buildings moved to the courts against notices which TMA had served them, and now TMA could not take action against the occupants as court cases were in progress. Every year the corporation calls upon the occupants of these highly dangerous structures to vacate their homes but the occupants ignore the calls, Tehsil Officer P&C Tariq Butt said. Many residents of these buildings are of the view that to announce their houses in danger was a money-making tactic of Municipal Corporation workers, many of them emphasized the need for preserving these old buildings and termed them cultural heritage as most of these buildings were more than 150-year-old. Many think these buildings are just old not historic and can come to ground at any time.