Bravo PML-Q for raising the issue of an overland transit trade route for India at the present NA session. Surprisingly the JI, which claims to be (very rowdy) champions of such causes, is absolutely quiet on the issue. Perhaps its new Amir is even more backward looking than the previous one as is evident from his harping on mostly disruptive causes. PML-N is still in the euphoria of newfound American interest in it. Hence, the arrogant silence on the subject. The PPP, perhaps chagrined by the general browbeating of Zardari even after the very generous dollops of aid he secured on his recent visit, is again resorting to using the assassination of Benazir as a rallying cry. Declaring a holiday on May 12 in Sindh is divisive and harebrained, the act of a government that has no idea of what it is doing. Will the PPP stop using the tragic demise of the elder and daughter Bhuttos for political mileage? As for the overland transit for Indian goods to Afghanistan, that can only be a quid pro quo for a plebiscite in Kashmir. It seems Mr. Karzai is out of the closet now and acting as a full-blown agent of India. He broached the issue of transit concession for India during Zardari's US visit even though the aggressive India lobby had already prepared the ground for it. -DR SUMAERA RANA, Lahore, May 11.