LONDON (APP) - Three of the ten detained Pakistani students lodged in Belmarsh prison, south east from here, have been shifted to the Manchester high security detention cell following the intervention by Pakistan High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan who met them last week. These students were arrested by the anti-terrorist unit of the British Police on April 8 following raids on properties in north west England on terrorism charges. However, charges against them were dropped due to lack of evidence and they were handed over to the UK Border Agency for deportation on grounds of national security. They filed appeals against the Home Offices deportation order after the charges could not be proved. The lawyers of the seven out of ten students had filed bail petition against their continued detention. While the bail request of the seven was rejected, three students namely Tariq Rahman, Muhammad Shoaib Khan and Abdul Wahab Khan were shifted to Belmarsh prison and were kept with hardened criminals serving sentences. Prior to the bail hearing they were in Manchesters high security detention cell. This shifting to London and lodging with hardened criminals brought the students under lot of psychological pressure. They made known their grievances to the High Commissioner who approached the British authorities to re-locate the students to their previous detention facility in Manchester. The students appeal hearing has been fixed for 27 July; however, the British authorities have not been able to bring about any concrete evidence against the students so far.