US not only supports the democratic government of Pak but it also is in favour of military offensive against the militants besides making long-term investments in the Pakistani people, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Congress on Thursday. Were supporting the Pakistani military as they take on the extremists who confront their countrys stability, she said. 'Were making long-term investments in Pakistans people and the democratically elected government through targeted humanitarian assistance. In both Afghanistan and Pakistan, the United States is not only providing substantial financial assistance but also holds their governments accountable for progress toward defined objectives, she said. Secretary Clinton further said that in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and the Middle East the world faces trans-national threats like terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and climate change. The regions urgent development needs ranging from extreme poverty to pandemic disease, all of which have a direct impact on Americas security and prosperity and prosperity as well, she said. In Afghanistan and Pakistan, she said, US efforts centre on President Obamas goal to dismantle, disrupt, and defeat al Qaeda. 'This requires a balanced approach that takes more than military might alone. So were expanding civilian efforts and were ensuring that our strategy is fully integrated and adequately resourced, she said.