ISLAMABAD (APP) - Dr Fateh Muhammad Malik, Rector, International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) here on Wednesday stressed that youth and particularly the female youth have to come a step forward and participate in nation building activities. He was addressing at a seminar on Youth for change organized by the IIUI, says a press release issued here. He further said that they are full of capabilities and potentials. Dr Saif Abbasi from Department of Sociology thanked the Rector IIU for sparing time for the seminar and encouraging the organizers and participants of this seminar. He stated that the youth is the key for the development of the society and nation. He focused the illiteracy as the key to all social evils in the society. He emphasized the role of teachers in imparting modern, demand driven education reflecting true ideological foundation of Islam and Pakistan. He also stressed that social scientists and policy maker should design policies to harvest the potential of young population, as Pakistan is among those few counties who are not facing the problem of aging. Perveen Qadir Agha, Vice president/Director Women Campus, IIUI Co-Chaired the seminar. Dean Faculty of Social Sciences formally welcomed the worthy Rector IIUI. Speakers from Department of Sociology, Education and a guest speaker from Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi addressed the topics: Citizenship in the age of globalization, Freedom of Information, youth for rule of law and good governance, and Effective Communication. Sadia Panni, Dept of Education, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi discussed in detail the citizenship in globalization. She briefed that citizenship not only bestow the rights but also the duties. There is a great need for global networking to sensitize the people in general and youth in particular regarding their role and issues. Internet can best be utilized in this regards. Zahidah Perveen, Department of sociology highlighted the role of youth in good governance. She said that young should be given the opportunities to play their role effectively as they bear the zeal, zest, enthusiasm and passion. Their participation ensures the sustainability of the institutions. Maria Saeed enlighten the audience with the modern communication skills, the strategy, the medium and the benefit. Perveen Qadir Agha Vice President IIUI laid the stress on the civic sense and realisation of responsibilities by students.